about us

Founded in 1968, RON SEFF began as a workshop specializing in unsual finishes. Among its early patrons are legendary designers such as Michael Desantis, Mark Hampton, Robert Metzger, and Karl Springer. In the 70s, Ron Seff collaborated with Karl Springer to fabricate many furnishings for the KARL SPRINGER collection.

The contemporary designs of RON SEFF are inspired by great Art Deco masters, Bauhaus aesthetics and modern sculptures. Each piece is crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, marked by masterful execution and classic elegance. RON SEFF has been credited with reviving the use of shagreen, lacquered goatskin/parchment and straw, which Jean-Michel Frank and Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann popularized in 1920s. RON SEFF is also known for its distinctive use of metals and other exotic materials; i.e. mother of pearl, bone, rare woods, egg shell, reptile skins and leather. It is renowned in the industry as the ultimate source for extraordinary finishes.

The limitless ability of RON SEFF to customize is unparalleled in the industry. All furnishings of RON SEFF can be modified in design, finishes and sizes. We will also design for specific projects or fabricate furniture in accordance with a client’s design, including reproduction of antique pieces.

We invite you to join us to explore the exciting possibilities of design.

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